Alliance Interactive: Leaders in IT solutions, computer services, website design and web development. We provide scalable professional IT services, custom software development, network setup, lumber software, ERP software and website hosting. We are based in Tillsonburg, located in Southern Ontario, Canada  

IT Services Outsourcing, Onsite support, Website deisgn, Web hosting, Computer Network Setup, Linux Server administration in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada

IT Services Outsourcing, Onsite Technical Hardware and/or Software Support in Tillsonburg, Oxford County, Southern Ontario, Canada

Onsite Technical Hardware and/or Software Support

Alliance Interactive provides onsite technical support and maintenance services on all kinds of desktop PCs, notebooks/laptops, servers and peripherals plus their internal components

We support operating systems such as Windows (2000, XP, Server 2003/2008, Vista and 7), Mac OS and Linux (all distributions), as well as a wide range of accounting, business, inventory control/management, office and productivity applications/suites.

Instant Remote Support

Alliance Interactive provides instantaneous remote support using a very secure online system! Never wait again for the computer support person to arrive, we can do it NOW saving you time and money!!!

Website design, web development, programming and hosting

We feature a wide range of website templates for you to choose from. Alternatively, we can do your website design to match your organization's established identity. Here is a sample from our portfolio of websites:

Website design, web development, programming and hosting, Wireless and/or Wired Network Setup & Server Administration in Toronto/GTA, Ontario, Canada

Additionally, we can host your website as well as your email accounts on our servers for a fraction of what it is costing you right now, without compromising the bandwidth limit, uptime or loading speed.

Our servers are co-located in a state-of-the-art data centre in London, Ontario, which is connected to the internet through fiber optical lines. Your website files and emails are stored on two different servers to prevent the possibility of failure. Additionally, daily backups are downloaded and stored at a remote location.

Wireless and/or Wired Network Setup & Server Administration

Does your wired/wireless network go down often? We have the expertise and equipment to build you a reliable high bandwidth network, regardless of the coverage area or any obstacles in the way.

If your servers are running slow and/or crashing then you need to leave them to us! We will optimize and administer your Windows/Linux servers to be faster, more secure, and more stable where they will be monitored around the clock to make sure they are running smooth at all times. We can also acquire and build the hardware and software foundations for new servers for any purpose you name!

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