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PHP application development, custom web based software development, Software Engineering, PHP Web Programming in Toronto/GTA, Southern Ontario, Canada

Custom Web-based Software Development & Programming and Software Engineering Services

Custom web based software development, custom web applications programming, software engineering services, PHP developer company in Southern Ontario, Canada

Alliance Interactive offers custom web-based software development & programming and software engineering services at very low hourly rates. We are mainly PHP developers but we are also open to other technologies of your choice such as Java (J2EE, J2SE and J2ME), C++ and C#.

Why go web based? Because web based software is the future! Web based software rivals conventional software in terms of ease of use and user friendliness, especially with the availability of modern web development programming technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, DHTML and AJAX. Here are some favoring features of web based software:

  • Faster to develop at less costs and fewer requirements - With the availability of many open source components proven to be secure and reliable such as Apache, PHP and DBMS such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Runs on the server rather than local computer - Web based applications do not need to be installed on each individual PC in your organization, instead, it is installed only once on the server making them available for use to every computer on the network through the web browser. Which in turn makes it run faster (since it relies on the processing power of the server) as well as independance of the operating system - all you need is a web broswer!
  • Available from anywhere, at any time - By adjusting your firewall settings, you can chose to make your web based software available through the internet instead of only your intranet. This means that your clients and/or employees can access it from anywhere in the world at any time through any device with access to the internet and a web browser, without having to use Remote Desktop or VNC which tend to be slow and awkward.
  • Endless possibilites for integration - Because it requires less processing power on the client's side, web applications can be used on any device without having to be re-written/adjusted. You can have your sales persons log onto the systems using their mobile phones, PDAs or Blackberry, or you can have workers on the production line scan tags and barcodes using handheld devices and tallies right into the live system.

Call or email us today for further information and a FREE estimate! We are ready to design, program and implement any project you have in mind at very low hourly rates.

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